Our Mission

Surftoberfest 2020 is our Third Annual Oktoberfest.

Aurora Spine and Compass Wellness Alliance created a non-profit organization with multiple charity programs.

Your charitable donation goes to the following programs:

Ocean Environment


Health & Wellness

US Veterans

Single parents

And those less fortunate

Lets help those in need and celebrate Oceanside's Oktoberfest!!

Five primary objectives for the annual fall festival

1. to promote local pride in Oceanside, California

2. to obtain positive national publicity;

3. to promote “tourism” to Surftoberfest;

4. to involve a large number of people, including volunteers, vendors, and paid workers;

5. to raise money for our programs while remaining a non-profit organization.

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You’re ticket is 100% tax deductible

Enjoy a breaker full of fun, and make a difference today.

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